Kollel Chatzos Opens World’s first Nighttime Bais Horaah


-Communicated- This past Thursday, an inspiring mamed took place in the Toshnad Shul in Monsey, NY as Kollel Chatzos opened the world’s first nighttime Bais Horaah! Two of the kollel’s most devout talmidei chachamim, R’ Berel Wieder, dometz Sanz-Klausenberg and R’ Avraham Yitzchock Lunger dometz Skvere have been crowned the dayanim of Kollel Chatzos in Monsey.

Rabbi Avraham Tzvi Wosner, grandchild of the Baal Shevet Halevi, praised this noteworthy venture, saying, “Just this past night, at 2:30am, I received a call with an important sheilah. Unfortunately, I only saw it in the morning. America needs a Bais Horaah during the night! There should never be a moment in the day when a yid shouldn’t have who to turn to with a question!”

Then, Rabbi Nechemye Hoffman, the menahel and founder of Kollel Chatzos, took the dais. With unbridled emotion he thanked Hashem for making this moment a reality. Kollel Chatzos is America’s only nightly kollel with 95 talmidie chachamim in 4 locations who immerse themselves in Torah every single night and is long known for the yeshuos and protection it brings to those who partner with these selfless talmidei chachamim. Kollel Chatzos has been Rabbi Hoffman’s mission ever since an elderly man introduced the concept to him during the years he spent in yeshiva in Israel. His small group of ten slowly blossomed into an army of ninety-five, with a list of more waiting to be vetted.

Kollel Chatzos invites people to take advantage of this important service they’ve made available to Yidden across America. From 1am to 6am, Sunday through Thursday, anyone with a sheilah can contact the Bais Horaah at 1855-242-8967, Ext 8. In the Monsey Location, Yidden are welcomed to walk in and pose their sheilos face to face with the dayanim.

As Rabbi Hoffman closed the ceremony he said, “This is only the beginning. We never stop, we always set a new goal.” New kollel locations are slated to open in the coming few months and more talmidei chachamim are preparing to become dayanim.

In the zechus of those who sacrifice their nights for Torah, may our days be filled with blessing and success.

Call Kollel Chatzos’s nighttime Bais Horaah with any sheilah:

Time: Sunday-Thursday 1am-6am

Call: 1855-242-8967 Ext #8

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