Knesset Asks For Deferment As Charedi Giyus Law Sets To Expire


According to reports by Israel Hayom, the government is expected to turn to the high court to ask for another extension to enact the Draft Law, citing the upcoming elections and inability of the government to pass major legislation during the lame duck session.

The Justice Ministry will explain to the courts that since it is election season, it will be difficult for the current government to put an agreeable outline to the Draft Law together at this time.

Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, the IDF has set aside special exemptions and deferments for various religious groups. Muslim and Christian Arabs, Druze women (Druze males draft) and Orthodox Jewish women all receive blanket draft exemptions, while full-time yeshiva students are granted open-ended draft deferments, which may be renewed each year.

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  1. It won’t help them. Chareidim will not join the shmad army in any which way. They will continue rioting until they’ll leave them alone, just like they don’t go after secular students.

  2. Ostriches who still do not believe that Yeshiva boys are being drafted, here it is black on white. Read it and memorize it so that you shouldn’t repeat your foolish comments.

    • Let me clarify this thing for my dear brethren who still don’t live here in Eretz Yisroel;

      There is no real controversy over the practical and actual facts regarding the Giyus in Eretz Yisroel;

      #1 – the IDF is running a very effective and successful “social” campaign, to enlist more Chareidi boys in the army. Due to this campaign, there has been a sharp increase in the amount of Chareidi soldiers, mostly in the last decade.
      #2 – a Yeshiva boy who follows all the rules with utmost precision, is almost never drafted by force.
      #3 – for the past 20 years (since 12/9/1998) the Israeli supreme court has been trying to push the Knesset to pass a law that would draft a significant percentage of Yeshiva Boys by force. No success until now.
      #4 – even before the times of Lapid it has happened that a Yeshiva boy was arrested despite his being a serious full-time student, due to bureaucratic reasons etc.

      The whole controversy is, over how to name this current state of the Giyus; “Gezeiras HaGiyus”, or maybe “Attempt of Gezeiras Giyus”, or “Successful Campaign to enlist more frum soldiers”.

      • Almost everything your’e saying is true. But up until 2015 this was done out of coercion. Since the 2015 draft law, it’s been done out of cooperation.

        While it’s true that almost everyone who meticulously follows the requirements will receive deferrals, there are thousands of other bochurim, those from weaker spiritual backgrounds who face extra scrutiny and are bound to mess up on one of the many requirements.
        Wer’e talking about ehrliche boys who come from smaller less known yeshivos, who face the brunt of the law.
        And unfortunately they comprise a majority of the 3,200 bochurim that were drafted in the last year. Keep in mind that the grand total of chareidim that enlisted in 2007 was 288.

        This is the Gezeiras Giyus.

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