Kiryat Belz: Do Not Rent Dirahs to Yeshiva Bochurim


belzIn order to maintain the character of Kiryat Belz, a committee in the Yerushalayim neighborhood has exerted tight control over the goings-on of the area, including regulations regarding rental apartmentsThe aim is to preserve the kedushah and atmosphere of the kiryah as established by the Belzer Rebbe.

Among the recent reinforced and updated restrictions are renting apartments to a third party. The committee has also stated that it is absolutely forbidden for those living in the neighborhood to rent apartments for use as dirahs by yeshiva bochurim. The assumption is that this is viewed as something that would change the current character of the  area.

 {Yair Israel}


  1. People in a neighborhood have the right to make rules on who they want in or out. Even if we do not like it. However I question if the rule above singled out Yeshiva Bochrim or all individuals who do not meet thier standerd.

  2. As an American living in Belz, I can attest to the fact that the Belz neighborhood is on of complete modesty. The children and teenagers are dressed finely and with good taste, but all appropriately and completely refined. The women are quick and skilled homemakers that cater to their family’y needs beautifully. The Belzer Rebbe is like a father to his chassidim. Everything is set up and arranged for his oilam, and life there is one of complete trust and respect in the Rebbe and his strong principles. I understand exactly what the Rav was trying to claim here with the infiltration of Yeshiva Bochurim Dirah’s – and he is right! I hope it works and Kiryat Belz is a neighborhood to be proud of and emulate….

  3. I can understand why, they do not want to take a chance that their Kehila should be infested cholilah with the shmutz that can be brought in from the outside world

  4. A kehilla has the right to create the streets in its own image.
    They will be successful to a fair degree but nothing is ever 100 percent as would be in a perfect world.

  5. Perhaps the Rebbe means he doesn’t want Buchrim that may walk and smoke, talk on the cell phone non-stop outdoors, and have laptops with internet service. These are good standards for any bachur here in the USA.

  6. “The aim is to preserve the kedushah and atmosphere of the kiryah as established by the Belzer Rebbe.”
    And how does one preserve that kedushah?
    Amazingly, it requires Chasidim not to rent to Yeshiva bochrim. Who would bring down the kedusha level. Because Yeshiva bochrim…bring down…the kedusha level…of Chasidim.

    And to that, friends, there is nothing to add. I have now heard it all.
    I look forward to another fabulous Tisha B’Av, filled with much nashing of teeth and the usual hysterical crying and obligatory breast-beating about all the sinas chinam that existed back then.
    And do we learn?


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