Kiryat Arba: Is Separate Swimming Discrimination?

Backyard swimming pool and patio

A minority of Kiryat Arba residents appealed to the High Court to force the community to set aside several hours a week for mixed swimming, arguing that the current ban against it is religious coercion.

A lawyer representing the local council cited prominent religious Zionist Rav Dov Lior as stating that if mixed hours are instated, he advises the public not to use the pool at all. Many residents signed a petition stating that they would cancel their pool memberships. A religious resident told the court that a mixed-gender pool is worse than chillul Shabbos.

Justice Yitzchak Amit responded that all this was “the weakest argument possible.” “Should I ban meat if vegetarians are hurt by the sight of someone eating meat?” he asked.

{ Israel}


  1. And what about secular G-dless anti-Torah coercion? They should get out of Israel. There are enough countries they can choose from. Israel is a JEWISH country where Torah law is the law of the law of the land.

  2. Anonymous, if Israel were a Torah run country then you’re right. But it’s not. Israel is a secular democracy that tolerates (and sometimes grudgingly respects) their religious citizen’s. But the law of the land is that of a secular democracy. In that context, the judge’s response sounds perfectly valid. While, as A Torah Jew I disagree with his opinion on the matter, I do not believe that the actual argument is, as Jerusalem mom states, is “fallacious”.

    That said, the residents petition to cancel their memberships sounds more likely to influence the decision. Kesef ya’aneh es hakol.

    • #1 If Israel is a non-Torah country, they have no right to throw the Arabs out. Our ONLY right to this land is because of the Torah.

      #2 Israel is not a democracy and never was. Perhaps they wanted it to be like the democratic Western World but it never worked out. What exactly is democratic with a self-appointed for life judicial court? Which democratic country would allow self-appointed judges to run the land, make up their own laws and have more power than the Prime Minister / President?


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