Kiryas Yoel: Orange County Legislature Makes Town of Palm Tree First Jewish Town


By a vote of 18 to three, the Orange County Legislature approved allowing Monroe residents to vote on whether they want to allow a portion of the town to break away and together with the Village of Kiryas Joel become the new Town of Palm Tree.

State Assemblyman Karl Brabenec (R, Deerpark), who represents the Village of Kiryas Joel, said the creation of the new town for the people of KJ “will allow self government for both the people of Monroe and the people of Kiryas Joel and will mitigate the differences and disagreements between them.”

At least 15 votes were needed for the approval. Read more here.



  1. How is this sign legal? It’s arguably one thing for a store to post such a sign, but to put the force of government behind imposing religious restrictions on everyone?

    • They try to get around that by a) saying it is sponsored by the Congregation YT”L of KJ, b) saying “we kindly ask” (as opposed to language like require/demand).

  2. “First Jewish Town” ????!!!!!!

    Satmar has a medina now? I thought Satmar was anti-medina!

    We are in still golus!

  3. Teitelbaum means date tree, not generic palm tree.

    Yes, dates grow on date (palm) trees. But there are many other types of palm trees that don’t grow dates.


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