Kiryas Yoel Mayor To Become Palm Tree Supervisor


Abe Wieder is set to become supervisor of the new Town of Palm Tree after serving more than two decades as mayor of Kiryas Yoel, the Satmar village that is splitting off from Monroe to become a fully autonomous town.

Wieder and seven other men filed petitions last week to run uncontested for election positions in the new town, including a supervisor, four councilmen, a clerk, tax receiver and highway superintendent.

Gedalye Szegedin, the longtime clerk and administrator for Kiryas Joel, will be the Palm Tree town clerk.

Wieder has been mayor since 1997 and has had to fend off a challenger for that position only twice, in 2001 and 2005. He and the four village trustees are unpaid, and the members of the Palm Tree Town Board — the supervisor and four councilmen — are expected to serve without pay as well. The future councilmen are Joshua Blumenthal, Morris Steinberg, Isaac Glanzer and Gershon Neuman. Read more.




  1. “Kiryas Yoel Mayor To Become Palm Tree Supervisor”

    His new job is to sit and supervise all the Palm trees in the city. Wow! He gets paid for that?


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