King Abdullah II Visits West Bank As A Message to Israel


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Abdullah II met for about two hours today, after the Palestinian government welcomed the king in a grand ceremony in Ramallah.

The two leaders discussed the recent showdown with Israel over al-Aqsa.

Abdullah’s visit to the West Bank, his first in five years, came at a time of rising Israeli-Jordanian and Israeli-Palestinian tensions over the Temple Mount and was reportedly meant to be a message to Israel. Read more here.

{   Israel Bureau}




  1. The only message to Israel is: Throw this stupid king into the garbage. He is a lying arab. He is the Palestinian King who threw out most or all of his Palestinians from Jordan which is Palestine. Send him to live with his people in gaza and send his wife to ISIS for practice.

    • And he is the son of a father who – enticed by Egypt’s Abdel Gamal Nasser – told vicious lies during the 6 Day War, claiming that American and British air forces were attacking the Arab armies.

      And still, the Americans consider Jordan “a trusted ally”.

  2. Hey Ab- DULL-uh, your dad executed hundreds of thousands of these terrorizing blood thirsty Palestinians. Hey, if they’re such adorable people, why don’t you invite them to your kingdom. They’re sure to bring blessings unto your land.


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