Kimmel Tears Up In Plea For Action On Gun Violence: ‘Children Are Being Murdered’


Late night host Jimmy Kimmel ripped into President Trump for not saying he would take action on gun laws after the fatal mass shooting at a South Florida high school.

Kimmel aired Trump’s remarks addressing the shooting that left 17 people dead, saying that he agreed with the president’s statements that schools should be safe and that parents shouldn’t have to fear for their children’s lives.

“Children are being murdered,” Kimmel said, choking up. “Do something. We still haven’t even talked about it, you still haven’t done anything about it.”

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  1. Typical two faced Hollywood phony! This fraud has shed more crocodile tears than, even, Bill Clinton! These pampered spoiled elitists, step out of their ivory towers to command US to give more money/taxes and to do xyz, and then they quickly dissapear back into their protected towers, doing squat!

    • Yes, the influence of 5 million members and countless millions of more supporters who actually know what they are talking about when it comes to guns and don’t just want to ban things because they look scary.

      • “…don’t just want to ban things because they look scary.”
        That sounds like NRA sloganeering. Seventeen murdered innocents isn’t merely something that “looks scary”, nor are the victims in Las Vegas, Sandy Hook, and so many other massacres omitted by unhinged and/or evil people equipped with easily obtainable guns.

  2. unless this post is too make fun of him, there is no excuse for having it. First of all, this guy is a total fraud using his platform for his political views. If you don’t believe me, keep track of the things he cries for. Secondly, why should we care what he thinks, to us he is at best a nobody, or a letz. He will be, and has been, just as dramatically “passionate” against many things we hold dear

  3. If every, or most teachers had a gun and knew how to safely use it (as almost all teachers in Israel do) then we would not have mass school shootings.
    Every child, teen-ager, adult is an individual with his or her own problems. Instead of pushing these people aside maybe we should help them.
    I spent 30 years visiting Inmates (mostly Yidden) on jails and prisons. Most of these people could have and should have been helped early on so that they wouldn’t turn out the way they did. That’s what parents are for.
    A child learns from his/her parents to counteract what they learn in the rotten public school system or even “some” Yeshivas.
    When a School or Yeshiva expels a student or a Yeshiva won’t take a child because he/she doesn’t keep up, or doesn’t fit in then they are responsible for the child’s problems in the future.
    A caring Rebbie or Morah can help mold a child into a thriving adult.

    • Old story. Not so pashut.
      And let’s say a particular teacher is going thru a hard time and the stress is getting too much to bear? Messy divorce, home in foreclose, notice of resignation, etc… What’s to stop a nut-case armed teacher from shooting up their students? What’s to stop one teacher from shooting another? A lot of these teachers are not on the up and up if you k ow what I mean.

  4. For all these foolish ferds maintaining that we all need to be armed to our teeth. Take a look around the world, the UK for example. Last year there were 50 murders , that’s right 50. Here in the US there are at least 50 killings by gun fore every day!. So ask yourself a logical question, does it make sense to arm yourselves so that tens of thousands of innocent people are killed every year? Are you really safer that way ?

  5. Ok, I think enough is enough with these calls to regulate guns further (AKA Ban Guns).
    1. No matter what the Gov’t does outlaws will always find ways to get the guns.
    2. There probably will be another Civil War if the ban guns, initiated by people qho got them legally prior.
    3. If there would actually be appropriate background checks we wouldn’t have this problem

    • Excellent observations! All of the over-hyped-up cries for total bans on all guns completely ignore what is the real issue. The problem of the terrible destruction that comes from a gun IS NOT from the gun ITSELF; rather, the terrible destruction that comes from a gun IS FROM THE SEVERELY WICKED VIOLENT PERSON — OR, FROM THE SEVERELY MENTALLY DISTURBED VIOLENT PERSON — who is shooting the gun!!

      Almost everything in the world can be used to do something constructive and good, but, it can also be used to do something destructive and bad. It completely depends on who the person is who is using it and on HOW he is using it!!

      As Mr. “The Commish” above pointed out, if every one of the members of the faculty of this high school would have each had an effective firearm on himself or herself, then probably any one of them — CONSTRUCTIVELY using the firearm — would have been able to IMMEDIATELY stop this Mr-Cruz-shooter in his tracks BEFORE he had a chance to get started, and this horrific massacre would have never occurred!!


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