Kim Jong Un Says He’ll Denuclearize During Trump’s 1st Term


North Korea’s Kim Jong Un claims that he wants to denuclearize by the end of U.S. President Donald Trump’s first term, according to Seoul officials. The reported comments mark the first time the hermit kingdom has offered a timeline. They could help restart talks between the U.S and North Korea after Trump canceled a visit to Pyongyang by his secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, last month, citing lack of progress.

North Korea’s official KCNA news agency said Kim told the South’s envoys that his “fixed stand” was to turn the Korean Peninsula into “a cradle of peace without nuclear weapons, free from nuclear threat.” Kim and South Korean President Moon Jae-in will meet in Pyongyang on Sept. 18-20, it was also announced. Donald Trump was quick to respond to Kim’s latest comments, tweeting, “Kim Jong Un of North Korea proclaims ‘unwavering faith in President Trump.’ Thank you to Chairman Kim. We will get it done together!” Read more.



  1. Why shouldn’t we believe this benevolent little man when he pledges to work toward a nuke-free North Korea?

    Is it because he had his own uncle killed by feeding him to starving, vicious dogs? Is it because he has people he doesn’t like blown to pieces with anti-aircraft guns? Is it because thousands of his citizens starve to death, the average North Korean is inches shorter than his South Korean counterpart because of malnutrition, all the while he gets ever fatter living an unimaginably opulent lifestyle? Is it because North Korea has a decades-long track record of lying about their nuclear program?

    I mean, really – what does the world have against this smiley, happy man?

  2. You almost had it right. “Is it because thousands of his citizens starve to death.” Make that millions.

    His economy is failing badly. Soon he won’t have any cognac, and will have to cut a deal. He realizes this, and that our President means business, so he’s starting to play nice.


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