KIDDUSH HASHEM: Photos: Willy Hatzolah Member Treats Patient on Ukrainian Airlines


A passenger on a Ukrainian Airlines flight from England fell ill today. The only trained medical professional onboard was W120 Moshe Rosenberg of Williamsburg Hatzolah. Moshe immediately stepped in and administered emergency treatment to the patient, as other flyers looked on.


  1. Thank you for posting this. It’s good every now and then to get away from the raging measles/vaccination debate and share some positive news.

  2. To anonymous.
    A non-Jew does not get negative publicity for every perceived or even true infraction. Hence the need to publicize every deed that is unarguably a kiddush Hashem.

  3. No I’m not sure a Goy would do the same. Last week I was waiting in a packed Social Security office when someone ran in to say that somebody fell outside. The security guard and myself ran outside to help the victim and not one other person came to assist.


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