Kiddush Hashem in Baltimore


baltimore7Dear Matzav,

With all the bad press out there about Baltimore, here’s another good thing the Jewish community did…

After the schools closed early afternoon on Tuesday, I met up with two former Baltimore County SWAT members and decided to go to the Mondawmin Mall, to the staging area where the various police departments and National Guard were set up.

baltimore-1I spoke to Ronnie Rosenbluth from Tov Pizza and David Cohen of Kosher Bite, and we coordinated fresh hot food for the hungry officers. They even had a choice of hot dogs, hamburgers, or pizza, with, of course, lots of bottled water to go around.

We fed hundreds of officers. They were so appreciative that the Jewish community went out of its way during these trying times to give back for their incredible service to all of Baltimore. And of course, that we were willing to go to an area that had been so volatile on Monday to show our support.

What can you do to show your support for those who protect us?

baltimore-2A Fellow Yid in Baltimore

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  1. What a great kiddush Hashem

    That’s correct what can YOU do to show your support for Hashem that protects everyone of us?

    Can you put away your cell phone while talking to Hashem?

    Can you be More honest in your business dealings and remove yourself from corruption or any type of dishonesty?

    Can you remove yourself from the world of technology for one hour and spend some special family time with your own children that dearly love you and need your help?

    Lets show Hashem what we can do for the king of kings

  2. “Why not make Aliyah and feed IDF soldiers?”

    Ronnie Rosenbluth’s brother, Marc, did just that and fed IDF soldiers last summer during the Gaza war.

  3. Did you know that the baltimore orioles baseball team played a game in there stadium with no fans at all. Fans werent aloud to come to the game

  4. Many Beautiful kiddush hashems are being done throughout baltimore!!!! Families are going to police stations individuals are thanking random cops on the street …I’m proud of my city….

  5. what a beautiful kiddush hashem.
    i’m always amazed at the dumb comments that people make like was itst yoshon and others. If i have nothing normal to say i keep quiet.

  6. What a beautiful kiddush Hashem! Truly – ashreichem Yisrael!

    Every moment of the day each one of us has an opportunity to make a kiddush Hashem or chilul Hashem – whether it be the manner in which we conduct ourselves, the way we speak or what we say. Do we seize the opportunities to showcase Torah values or do we just think about ourselves and think of “me” as is promoted by Western culture?

    Unfortunately we live in a world of stereotypes. Seize the moment and demonstrate that we value HAKARAS HaTOV amongst other things and that kindness is one of the trademarks of the children of Avraham Avinu. Let us sensitize our children that this IS what Hashem wants of us.

    I recently was in NY and was in a Duncan Donuts. I overheard a worker tell the manager – “oh I remember her. She held the door for me and then said “thank you” when I serviced her. Who holds the door here???”. I was stunned. Holding the door is not even something I think about nor is saying thank you. But sadly I watched some of our brethren in front of me bark their requests. I thank my parents for teaching me the significance of how I must conduct myself when dealing with gentiles. I thank my mother for always reminding my brothers from an early age before they’d leave the house – remember you are wearing a yarmulka.

    Thank you fellow frum Jews in Baltimore for setting the example!

    And remember that there is no kappara for chilul Hashem.

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