Kibbutz Guard Fired For Helping Minyan


Nirim, a kibbutz near the Gaza border, fired its security coordinator after he let a kibbutz member gather a minyan in a bomb shelter on erev Shabbos to recite Kaddish for his late father, Yediot Acharonot reported.

Fearing that this was a subversive attempt to open a shul, staunchly secular members of the Shomer Hatza’ir kibbutz fired the guard and appointed a replacement.

{ Israel}


  1. this is what the Zionists want all Jews to be, this is their ONLY goal and the way they do this is by drafting people into the army. The Zionists have no freedom of religion, they have freedom FROM religion.

  2. As R’ Chaim Brisker zt”l said “people think that to destroy yiddishkeit r”l and having a state are 2 different goals of zionism. The reality is they are one & the same”.


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