Khashoggi’s Body Parts Reportedly Found In Saudi Consul General’s Garden


Jamal Khashoggi’s cut-up and disfigured remains have been found in the garden of the Saudi consul general’s home in Istanbul, Sky News reported, citing two sources.

The Sky account contradicts the explanation from Saudi officials that the body was rolled up in a carpet and handed over to a local collaborator to dispose of the evidence, the UK news outlet reported.

Turkish officials did not confirm the report.

Read more at NY POST.



  1. Phew! The CIA can be calm now and their director can go home. He’s taken care of for good. They won’t have to worry that Khashoggi who was privy to the 9/11 cover up as the Washington Post journalist – an outlet for the CIA, will reveal anything to his Saudi friends as they were informed he was planning to do.

      • Possibly, but I’m betting on a troll. Someone who’s actually deranged and delusional enough to believe this lunacy is unlikely to be as coherent and articulate as this troll.

        • “Someone who’s actually deranged and delusional enough to believe” You’re surely referring to someone who actually believes that aluminum airplanes brought down 2 humongous steel buildings to dust in less than 2 hours. If not, YOU should put yourself in this category.

          • Nice, subtle switch of topic, troll. Just remember to cash you paycheck fast, the ruble’s losing value by the hour.

      • Paranoia / Conspiracy theorist is just your excuse because you have no critical thinking skills and are just a programmed zombie trained not to question authority.

        For your information, the term “conspiracy theorist” was a term made popular by the CIA to stop critical thinkers from asking questions about JFK Assassination.

  2. National Security is after all the job of the CIA. They can’t allow the exposure of the truth of 9/11 be revealed. If Khashoggi turns his back on them and stops writing his anti-Saudi reports in WaPo and becomes loyal to Saudi Arabia, that’s dangerous and he must be eliminated asap.

  3. This Khashoggi guy ended up cut-up, ground-up and made into hallal burger patties eaten by the Turks at their barbeque. Pass the ketchup, please………


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