Khamenei: Zionist Regime Is Illegitimate


ayatollah-ali-khamenei“The Zionist regime is an illegitimate regime,” Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said today about Israel, whose existence Tehran denies.

Khamenei also blasted the United States for its close ties to Israel.

“The Americans have the highest indulgence towards the Zionists and they have to. But we do not share such indulgence,” Khamenei said.

“With God’s permission, we will not be harmed by these negotiations [nuclear talks] … if the negotiations reach a conclusion then all the better, but if they don’t it will mean that the country must stand on its own feet.

{ israel News Bureau}


  1. It takes one illegitimate to know another illigitimate,this idiot kahmeini killed his own people to get what he wanted those who adhere to every word he utters the dictator mulahs are going to get a real defeat soon

  2. he’s toast is he even touches a finger on Israel God has his protective hand on Her

    we are saying “Make my day Looser “


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