Keystone Would Save 6 Lives a Year


keystone-pipelineThe fight against building Keystone XL is getting personal: Advocates are now pointing to the proposed pipeline’s potential to save lives.

Instead of transporting crude from Canada’s tar sands by rail, the State  Department report concluded Keystone XL would be better for the environment and safer, too-as oil-laden freight trains could result in six additional deaths a year.

Last summer alone, 47 people were killed by a runaway oil train in Lac Megantic, Quebec. Read more.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. The estimate of six deaths might be based on pretty shaky statistics, but it is certainly true that pipelines are a much better way to transmit petroleum and petroleum products than railroads. The truth is that the Keystone XL pipeline is neither the big job creator that its proponents proclaim, nor the environmental disaster that its opponents claim.

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