Ketzaleh: Netanyahu and Barak Will Never Attack Iran


yaakov-katzNational Union Chairman MK Yaakov “Ketzaleh” Katz rejected on Sunday the idea that the Netanyanu government would launch an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Katz’s reasoning was that the government, in the three years since it was elected into office, has been unable to stop the constant rocket attacks from Gaza at southern Israel.

“Netanyahu promised upon taking office that he will be different from his predecessors, and that his response to the barrage of missiles fired at Israel will be to hurt the enemy in a way that would cause it not to repeat its actions,” Katz said.

“Unfortunately, the Likud government headed by Netanyahu and Barak has allowed for three years the fall of three missiles on average every two days,” he said. “The 1,808 missiles that exploded between Be’er Sheva, Yavne and Ashdod in the three years of the Likud government headed by Netanyahu and Barak have brought much damage and many casualties. The most significant damage is the erosion of the Israeli deterrence against its enemies. The victims are residents of the south.”

Katz added, “The damage is in Israel’s eroded image among the nations. While no other state would allow daily rocket fire, in Israel going down to the shelters has become the bread and butter of the country. The victims are the children who are educated from childhood that their parents cannot protect them, and the residents who are losing their trust in the IDF because of the government’s failed conduct.

“Until then,” he said, “we can be certain that those who are unable to put an end to the shelling in the south will not dare to attack Iran’s nuclear program. Never, ever will the Barak-Netanyahu government be able to attack Iran.”

Read more at Israel National News.

{Israel National News/ Newscenter}


  1. What a genius. Not for nothing did Reb Chaim Soloveitchick Zt”l say that the Zionists are to be suspected of shefichas damim. The words of this genius are nothing less than shefichas damim. Shame on him.

  2. This man is 1000 percent right, netanyahus whole blabber about Iran, is just a cover up for his failure to act upon daily rocket barrages on the south, and its all just to answer up for why he is still in power if he wasn’t blabbing all day about iran he would have no excuse to stay in power, he hasn’t stopped any missile from falling on israel from miniscule gaza and we expect him to be able to caontain the massive fallout of an attack on iran, Whiever believes Netanyahu will do anything to Iran is an idiot. and definitely as long as liberal self hating Ehud Barak is in office all iranians and gazans can rest assured that no Major attack will be launched.


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