Kesivah Vachasimah Tovah from


On this Erev Rosh Hashanah morning, the final day of 5778, we would like to thank our tens of thousands of devoted readers across the globe for visiting each day, for patronizing our advertisers, and for being part of the Matzav family.

Gratitude is extended to the writers and rabbonim whose Torah and hashkafa thoughts appear on the site regularly.

Thanks as well to the fantastic sites that are more than gracious to have their material shared with our readers and who utilize our content for the benefit of others as well.

We thank those who have provided hashkafic and halachic guidance to us.

And finally, a thank you to our devoted graphic designers and technicians, particularly the remarkable team at Bitbean, who are some of the most expert professionals in the field.

Thank you dear readers for making the largest Torah online newscenter.

We wish you and your families nachas, gezunt and parnassah during the coming year, 5779, which we pray and hope will be one of geulah and yeshuah for all of Klal Yisroel.

Kesivah vachasimah tovah. Newscenter


  1. Thank you Matzav. Fun readership. Great articles. Our careful faith must have the best “situation”.

    Sure as is, Torah grows. This site is very good.

  2. Thanks to the superior commenters who write with חכמה (and not to those comment with nonsense, or worse).

    No thanks to censors of worthwhile comments.

  3. Thank you. Wishing all the staff, readers, & fellow commentors ah gut gebentchte yor. Kesiva Vichasima Tova.
    P.S. lighten up on the censoring, will ya? ☺


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