Kerry’s Offer: Release Prisoners and They’ll Renew Talks


john-kerrySecretary of State John Kerry held talks with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu this evening, after earlier discussing ways to push a new peace plan with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, U.S. and Israeli sources said.

A radio report said Netanyahu and Kerry had a first round of private talks and were then joined by Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, Netanyahu’s personal envoy Yitzhak Molcho and his national security adviser Yaakov Amidror.

Channel 10 News reported that Kerry is planning on offering Israel and the PA an outline which would see Israel releasing terrorists from its prisons and transferring areas from Area B, which is under joint PA-Israeli control under the Oslo Accords, to Area A which is under full PA control.

Kerry’s outline would have the PA undertaking a return to the negotiating table and promising not to file lawsuits against Israel with the International Criminal Court.

Earlier on Saturday, Kerry met Abbas in the Jordanian capital, reported AFP.

“Kerry and Abbas discussed possible steps to revive a new political process for peace,” the PA’s ambassador in Amman Attallah Kheiry told AFP.

“Abbas stressed that Israeli settlements endanger the peace process and that Israel should free Palestinian prisoners.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.

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  1. Hmm…as far as I recall, Israel won the 6 day war. They want Israel, the winner, to give away to the loser, land won in a war in exchange for peace…how about a new deal for peace…Israel lets those Arabs which are peaceful remain, and those who dont like it, can leave. In exchange, Israel will allow them to live in Israel in peace.
    Since when does the loser dictate the terms of the “peace”…

  2. sure release prisoners….

    and get yourself more terrorism & shooters C”V as we know happens every time prisoners are freed (they are right back on hamas on terror…)

    when will everyone realize that you can’t make peace with the palestanians? (muslims) they will do anything to destroy jews R”L & nothing will stop them (as they believe they have a commandment to destroy jews)

  3. The “right-wing” govt has no problem with such plans, their aim is to c”v hurt haredim whatever it takes, they don’t care about anything else.

  4. Yeah we will release them and send them to the white house maybe they can wrk as cheap labor due to the budget unnecssary cut backs he’s unreal

  5. In exchange for Israel releasing terrorists, the Arabs will be willing to come to the table so they can accept our land from us which we will be pressured to give away. However, while the Arabs are willing to accept Jerusalem, they will not promise to desist from firing missiles from any land we give them. That would simply be asking for too much. We can’t be unreasonable, after they have gone through all the trouble of showing up at the table.

    What a brilliant idea, Mr. Kerry. Israel should jump at the chance to free dangerous terrorists, for the opportunity to give away the store. What have you been drinking?

  6. When they release the missing Israeli soldiers and we get Pollard back, we will talk. Mr. John Kerry Cohen, go study the history of your grandparents and you will understand the situation better.

  7. Israel should stop collecting taxes for these illegal aliens who came from Jordan and now call themselves palestinians. They are just squatters who leech off hard working citizens and are given welfare by the Israeli government. What do they do after all the money and benefits are given to them? They kill and plot to murder the hand that feeds them. Don’t support them. Give them back their prisoners and they should prove that they can support themselves into statehood. They will realize that they need Israel and learn to respect us and revere us.


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