Kerry: U.S. Worked to Ensure Fair Paris Mideast Statement


Secretary of State John Kerry said that the U.S. had negotiated at the Paris Middle East peace conference to prevent Israel being treated unfairly. He said U.S. diplomats insisted on strong language condemning Palestinian incitement and attacks on Israelis in the final statement. “Where we thought it was unbalanced and where we thought it was not expressing the kind of unity that I talked about, we fought to address it,” Kerry said, according to AFP. “We did what was necessary to have a balanced resolution.”

Kerry confirmed that he had spoken to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu during the Paris meeting to reassure him. Kerry said he had told Netanyahu: “We fully respect Israel’s profound historic and religious ties to [Yerushalayim] and to its holy sites. We’ve never questioned that. [The recent UN] resolution in no manner prejudges the outcome of permanent status negotiations for east Jerusalem which must reflect those historic ties and realities on the ground.”


  1. You know something? I’m going to miss the duffus. The Lurch gave us something to hate. He united us. Can we at least get one last communal hug?

  2. I find it difficult to articulate the level of fury I have toward President Obama and SecState Kerry for their perfidious betrayal of Israel. Their orchestration of the U.N’s resolution which condemned Jews for living in areas that had been Jewish for millennia and demanding a Judenrein east Jerusalem, including the Jewish quarter itself, was a profile in cowardice.

    Kerry’s further personal condemnation of Israel’s government in extraordinarily harsh and undiplomatic terms was so outrageous that even England’s Prime Minister denounced Kerry’s attack.

    Furthermore, the Obama administration has regularly accused Israel of meddling in the U.S’s affairs and attempting to influence U.S. elections, while at the same time blatantly sending money to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s opposition and publicly badmouthing the governing party as “the most extreme in their history”.

    This administration has seized advantage of their lame duck post election period to take what amounts to “free punches” at the Middle East’s sole democracy and the world’s only Jewish state. The mask of friendship has been discarded and President Obama now stands revealed as the Israel-hater that he is. This cowardly, arrogant, loathsome individual and his henchman Kerry can’t leave office soon enough. The United States, Israel, and the World will all be better off without them.

    • P.S.
      Perhaps President Obama and SecState Kerry can consult with an eye doctor about their peculiar form of red-green color blindness. While the Green Line in Israel seems to capture their ful attention, the Red Line that Syria crossed seems invisible to them. Maybe they should see their friend the ophthalmologist, namely Bashar Assad?


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