Kerry to Congress: We Promised No New Sanctions


kerrySecretary of State John Kerry today appealed to Congress to “hold off” on new sanctions against Iran, Fox News reports.

Kerry told the House Foreign Affairs Committee that such legislation would be “gratuitous” and could give Tehran an excuse to “flout” the recently struck nuclear deal.

“We’re asking you to give our negotiators and our experts the time and the space to do their jobs,” Kerry said. “I’m not saying never [pass additional sanctions]. … I’m just saying not right now.”

The secretary described the current talks as a “hinge” point, and suggested that failure here could lead to “continued hostility” and potentially “conflict.”

“Believe me, we are all skeptical,” he said. “But we now have the best chance we’ve ever had” to negotiate a comprehensive agreement with Iran, Kerry claimed. Read more at Arutz 7.

{ Newscenter}


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