Kerry – Not Obama – Calls Netanyahu to Congratulate Him



The White House announced that Secretary of State John Kerry – not President Obama – called to congratulate Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu on his party’s victory in Tuesday elections, adding that Obama will phone the prime minister after his party forms a coalition government.

Adding to the already-tense U.S-Israel relationship are Netanyahu’s pre-election comments that dismissed the possibility of Palestinian statehood under his watch and his warning that Arab-Israeli citizens were voting against him.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said today that the administration is “deeply concerned by the use of divisive rhetoric in Israel that sought to undermine Arab Israeli citizens” and will re-evaluate its Middle East approach. Read more at Politico.

{Gavriel Newscenter}


  1. Oh come on. Barry is busy playing golf. He doesn’t hAVE TIME IN HIS BUSY SCHEDULE TO MAKE A PHONE CALL. lets BE REAL.

  2. He meant to call bibi, but he only found out about bibi’s victory like the rest of us, on the news, after Kerry called.

  3. Netanyahu should not let this accusation go unanswered. Obama is preparing major major trouble for Israel. He has installed a special Middle East policy advisor in his administration who is vehemently antI-Israel. He has removed Iran and their proxy- Hezbolah from the list of sponsors of terrorism, and he is about to give Iran total free reign in the Middle as a nuclear power. He is now trying to butress the claims of all the anti-Israel movements on the grounds that Zionists are racist. This will undoubtedly have major major repercussions for the security and safety of Israel.

    There is no defending oneself from the carefully crafted rhetoric of this monster with platitudes. The response must be swift and must lay barethe cynical hypocrisy of this tyrant for all to see.

  4. just curious . . . does anyone know if the U.S. president regularly calls the winner of the Canadian or Spanish etc. elections?


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