Kerry: Israel Has Every Right to Oppose Iran Deal, Calls Off Visit


secretary-of-state-john-kerryIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has “every right” to voice his opposition to a potential nuclear deal with Iran but his fear that a deal would leave Israel vulnerable is unfounded, Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday.

Amid an unusual and highly vocal spat between the Obama administration and Israel over Iran, Kerry said he had great respect for Netanyahu and his concerns. But Kerry maintained that instead of making Israel less safe, an accord with Iran would actually reduce the country’s risk.

“I have great respect for his concerns about his country,” Kerry told reporters at a State Department news conference with visiting Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu. “The prime minister should express his concerns and he has every right in the world to publicly state his position and defend what he believes is his interest.”

While concurring that Netanyahu has every right to state his opposition to a potential nuclear deal with Iran and defend what “he perceives” is in Israel’s interests, Kerry insists that the deal instead of making Israel less safe, it would actually reduce the risk the country. The Secretary cancelled his projected visit to Israel Friday. Read more here.

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