Kerry: ISIS Won’t Be Allowed to Spread


kerryIn an op-ed published on Shabbos in the New York Times, Secretary of State John Kerry called ISIS a cancer that must be eliminated and a “unifying threat to a broad array of countries.” “With a united response led by the United States and the broadest possible coalition of nations, the cancer of ISIS will not be allowed to spread to other countries,” Kerry wrote. “The world can confront this scourge, and ultimately defeat it. ISIS is odious, but not omnipotent.”

Meanwhile, a companion opinion piece by Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham argued for an immediate military response to ISIS and criticized the president’s “tactical and reactive half-measures” so far. “Continuing to confront ISIS in Iraq, but not in Syria, would be fighting with one hand tied behind our back. We need a military plan to defeat ISIS, wherever it is.” Read more at CNN.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. yes kind of like putin isnt aloud to enter ukraine
    or like the illegals are not aloud to enter our country
    kind of how the iranians arent aloud to suspport terrorism….

  2. ISIS is an anagram for “sisi”, which is what Obama is, and that is what ISIS knows and is exploiting. No one inside the Obama administration has intelligence. Those who want to contain/defeat ISIS must do it without Obama’s US

  3. This guy was out of the limelight for a while! Busy helping his wife at the family Ketchup business perhaps! (They do make the best ketchup!) He’s back now!

  4. “John Kerry called ISIS a cancer that must be eliminated”

    What? I hope that Mr. Kerry will show maximum restraint. I hope he wont escalate the violence. I’m sure they can sit down and solve this problem diplomatically. Both sides must show restraint. I call on Mr. Moon to look into war crimes on John Kerry.

  5. Well, I wasn’t sure the man, and others he is around, actually have any seichel. Now we see that indeed he does. So, lack of brainpower and not being able to face reality are not the reasons they act as they do regarding Hamas and the other groups who are now perhaps concentrating on Israel, but would like to eventually treat the rest of humanity the same way.

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