Kerry: Anti-ISIS Coalition Tasks to Include “Demolishing the Distortion of One of the World’s Great Peaceful Religions”


kerry1“Almost every single country on earth has a role to play” in tackling the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS/ISIL), Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday, listing potential contributions ranging from military action to “demolishing the distortion of one of the world’s great peaceful religions.”

Speaking at the State Department ahead of a visit to region to continue efforts to build a “global, coordinated” anti-ISIS coalition, Kerry said there were various things countries could do in response to the threat posed by the Sunni jihadists who have captured territory across Syria and Iraq.

“As we build this coalition, I want to underscore that almost every single country on earth has a role to play in eliminating the ISIL threat and the evil that it represents,” he said.

“For some that will mean military assistance, both direct and in the form of training, arming, and advising, equipping. For some it will mean contributing to the desperately needed humanitarian relief effort. For some it will mean helping to identify, track, and cut off ISIL’s funding, and prevent the flow of foreign fighters,” Kerry continued.

“For still others it will mean demolishing the distortion of one of the world’s great peaceful religions and counteracting the propaganda ISIL uses to recruit new supporters,” he said. “And for all it will mean publicly supporting the new inclusive government in Iraq.”

Kerry outlined what several countries have already offered, including the provision of military assistance (Canada, Britain, France, Estonia, Albania, Australia) and humanitarian aid (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, France, Britain, Japan, Australia).

Kerry heads to Saudi Arabia and Jordan on Tuesday to continue discussions on confronting ISIS, and on Wednesday President Obama is due to address the American people on how his administration will address the crisis.

Kerry said the president “will lay out in even greater detail our coordinated global strategy against ISIL,” and expressed confidence that that the campaign – which he said would be built to endure for months and perhaps even years to come – would succeed.

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  1. these leftists never let facts confuse them. Islam is about killing every body including their own, how can you call it peaceful religion, what does the religion represent do they have any commandments. they make them as the go along with Fatwas do you know in to-days time and age any body killing in name of religion and all of the clergy of that religion is mum about it just the opposite they preach to kill and kill

  2. I have yet to see that Islam is a peaceful religion. Does anyone know why they keep saying that despite all the evidence to the contrary?


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