Kelly: NYPD Creates New Unit That Will Stop Cops From Fixing Tickets In Court


nypdThe NYPD is creating a new unit tasked with preventing police from fixing tickets in court, the city’s top cop said today.

“In response to disturbing indications that some police officers failed to appear or otherwise willfully undermined a case in court, we are creating a new Court Monitoring Unit within the Internal Affairs Bureau,” Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly told the City Council.

The announcement comes as Bronx prosecutors and IAB conduct separate probes into whether officers made tickets disappear for friends or family. Some, sources said, fixed summonses in exchange for money or gifts, including pricey tickets to Yankees games.

About 40 cops could be indicted, some of them delegates from the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, sources said. At least 100 other officers could be hit with NYPD disciplinary charges, the sources said.

Kelly told Council members that the Police Department is “committed to ensuring integrity at every turn.”

“That’s why we’re bolstering IAB’s staff to give this new unit the resources it needs to pursue any sign of manipulation of the system,” he said.

Kelly later told reporters the NYPD has always watched for signs that tickets were being fixed, but only on a “limited basis” and usually involving the Criminal Justice Bureau or precinct integrity control officers.

“That process clearly has to be strengthened,” he said.

The NYPD last summer began tracking summonses electronically, making it difficult to fix, or get rid of, a ticket, without raising suspicion.

That system, however, does not account for what happens in court. Sources said tickets can still be fixed by officers who don’t show up for hearings or purposely lie.

Kelly said investigators assigned to the Court Monitoring Unit will monitor traffic court testimony.

{NY Daily News/ Newscenter}


  1. Prior to addressing this he should also of addressed the illegal quota system. All this means is, that even when the cop is fully aware that the ticket he issued was unjustified, but something he was forced to do in order to continue feeding his family, he can’t even show some compassion and allow for some correction in court.

    Why cause people to question the integrity of cops, when, almost all of them are idealistic and do their work to make a NYC a safer and better place.

    Asking cops to violate the law they are here to protect sounds to be counterproductive.

  2. Last week a friend of mine got a ticket at the Jackson NPGS shopping center. He has stopped for 20 seconds to pick up his wife, and while she was putting some bags in the car a police officer gave him a ticker for being “Parked in a fire lane”. I checked up the law and it clearly says that loading and unloading is permissible in a fire lane, but guess what, it was the last day of the month and seems like the quota was not yet met…


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