Keeping Track: Trump Stands Accused Of…


1. Leaking top secret information provided by Israel to Russia’s foreign minister, endangering the life of an Israeli spy embedded in ISIS ranks. His defense: alternating between he didn’t reveal anything, he didn’t know the source of the information, and, according to aides speaking anonymously, he threw it as an innocuous aside during a conversation. Media reports indicate that the Mossad is furious but the official Israeli statements say that they are confident in their relationship with Trump and will continue sharing intelligence. Ditto for other key allies such as Britain.

2. Pressuring Comey in February to end a probe into Michael Flynn, his former national security advisor who allegedly had ties to Russia. Trump defense: Denying the account, which was made in a New York Times report citing Comey’s memo written at the time. At least three congressional committees are saying they will subpoena the memo. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: The entire account is based on anonymous sources, and a memo which the Times acknowledges they hadn’t seen.

Source: Kol Ha’olam


  1. On number 1 he certainly did nothing wrong as its his prerogative. The only ine who endangered national security is the anonymous leaders and the media.

  2. Trump stands accused of nothing, except by the hysterical, irresponsible media.

    No, he did nothing criminal.

    No, he will not be impeached.

    Libtards need to give up and get on with their sorry lives.

    • Keep telling yourself that while his own party starts to turn against him. Trump’s recklessness and ignorance are the gifts that keep on giving.

      • Not gonna happen. Trump’s core supporters are ignoring the noise. And even the Dem supporters re starting to see the stupidity of the shrieking.

        Thime to get on with the business of running the country.

    • Wig out kiddo. The sadness is that the media is the American public. We watch to know who our fellow citizens support and what happens in the event of scandal.

      Time to pray for more than the gold.

      Good luck.

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