KEEP AMERICA GREAT! 2020 Campaign Slogan Unveiled At Pennsylvania Rally



  1. Remember the 1880s? America was great. Men were appearing well. No man often shaved and every street filled with men wearing hats in commerce and work.

    It ended with our 20th century wars. The wit follows the military. All men shaved new the working future.

    Very odd we who are jewish might have an ethical view on America. The right freedom is an image.

    Beginning with Trump he is indeed the first man recently running with a hat. Likely no orthodox rabbi wise would wear.

    Now we see he is clueless what is great. It is not our blood, penny or hearted big year. It is the American image.

    Keep. It up Mr. Trump. May you get it gifted right.

    We hope.

    • Do you remember the 1880’s? You must be pretty old. America was not great, at that time. Poverty was rampant. Unemployment was high. Jews weren’t keeping Shabbos. No Yeshivos. Yidden were going OTD faster than you can say parcheesi. Getting kosher meat was extremely difficult. Dress codes was the least of their problems.

    • Letters. Try Massachusetts. We have 13. Pennsylvania avenue might call many letters. The president may open even some of his mail.

      The pope might get more mail. Harvard is in MA. Think they write more too.

      Good letters.


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