Kasich On Running In 2020: My Wife Wishes I Was President


Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) on Sunday said his wife told him she wished he were president.

During an interview on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Kasich, a Republican candidate in the 2016 primary, was asked if he had ruled out running for president in 2020.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow,” Kasich said, before adding: “The other day, with all the chaos going on, my wife said to me one morning, she said, ‘You know, John, I wish you were president.’ That’s how I knew the country was in trouble.” Read more at The Hill.




  1. Because of this dunce, Ted Cruz was robbed the Presidency. Mr. Kasich is the reason we have Mr. Trump as President, to the consternation of the majority of voters. Kasich is not good for thinking Americans.

    • If Kasich is the reason we merited the Greatest President ever we should thank Hashem daily. BTW, you mistakenly wrote ‘consternation’ instead of ‘contentment’ of the majority of Americans.

    • Cruz would have been the most abstininat president. Kasich atleast would have United Americans him being a moderate republican. And besides there was a snowballs chance in hell of Cruz winning the national.

      • Oh really?! They said that about Trump also. Billary was going to lose to whomever ran against her. She did not have the support of mainstream America. Ted Cruz would of gotten bills passed that benefited the hard working American taxpayer. He wouldn’t of wasted his time tweeting shtuyot. And, no, Teds Dad was not involved in the JFK assassination.

  2. Kasich, get your fantasy out of your head because the American people know you’re a RINO like Paul Ryan, John McCain and Lindsey Graham who are out to undermine President Trump and have no chance in the world to beet him.

  3. If Kasich can learn from the past election, he might be well a good candidate.

    He is smart, quirky and exactly the humane feeling that some republicans want.

    We could hope that America progresses. There were many lessons in religion and faith from 2016 yet to be discussed but clear to win the battle.

    Trump had the advantage.

    • The only issue I have with him was him argue with jews from that video! Otherwise he could maybe bridge a gap between both parties. Or he could end up like bush jr and become the next republican villain in the democrats eyes and nothing gets done.

  4. His wife probably also wishes that he were 20 years younger, 20 million dollars richer, and many other things, along the way. Therefore?

  5. If it took his wife’s comment to convince him the United States are in trouble, then he is not too intelligent, in touch, or up to date.

  6. (a conversation in the Kasich household, as witnessed and told over by a fly on the wall)
    John Kasich: Y’know honey, I’ve been thinking: I can either retire and spend all day with you, hanging around the house, or I could run again in 2020 to try to be the President.
    Mrs. Kasich: Oh, honey – I really, really wish you’d be President!

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