Kashrus Alert: Post Discontinuing Pas Yisroel Status of All its Cereals


post-cerealsMatzav.com has learned that within the next four weeks, Post Cereal will be discontinuing the Pas Yisroel status of all its cereals. All pareve Post cereals found on the shelves of stores and supermarkets for the next four weeks from today (except Great Grains, Shredded Wheat and product of Canada, which are not Pas Yisroel) will have been produced under the Pas Yisroel program.

OK Kosher Certification, which gives the hashgacha on Post cereals, has informed Matzav.com that it will not accept responsibility of the Pas Yisroel status for any Post products purchased after this date.

{Dovid Bernstein-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. General Mills cereals to the best of my knowledge are not either ?? ?????.But the question really is, does cereal have the status of Pas? If so, it would have all applicable halachos of Pas. A sefardi would not be allowed to eat pas palter if there is pas yisroel available within “??? ????? ???” and ashkenazim would not be allowed to eat it unless it is tastier or significantly less expensive. Additionally, Ashkenazim do not consume Pas palter during the ???? ??? ????? (see The kosher kitchen by R’ Binyomin Forst p.272) I have heard from a Posek that you may treat cheerios as not being Pas however that during ???? ??? ????? one should be machmir.
    (see ibid p.276)
    Everyone of course should contact their own Rov.

  2. Cereal does not have to be pas yisroel. It does not have a tzura of pas, except for cheerios which is a sofuk pas yisroel and should be avoided on aseres yemi teshuva

  3. I would add to the above that grape nuts should be pas yisroel. However, Harav Chaim Pinchus Sheinberg Shlita says all cereal does not have to be pas yisroel. Others do argue with this. Nonetheless, the overwhelming accepted custom among most people is to be lenient. For a discussion on this see Vezos Ha’beracha page 192 (4th edition). Refer to ibid: (5th edition: page 219)

  4. Whether or not cereal requires pas Yisroel is an interesting issue, but it is disappointing that if they were doing it until now the OK couldn’t convince them to continue. There are electronic methods the mashgiach can ignite the fire long-distance and they are not expensive to set up. So what was the reason they are discontinuing the program???


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