Kashrus Alert: New Rice Worm in Israeli Markets, Rav Vaya Says No New Revelation


rav-moshe-vayaIsraeli readers are advised there is a new strain of rice worm some kashrus authorities say necessitates rice be checked before cooking.

Last week, Rabbi Yoel Schwatz told Arutz Sheva the new worms were not always discernable with the human eye. However, Rav Moshe Vaya, the foremost bedikas tolaim expert in the world, said laboratory tests did not find any microscopic worms in the rice. Rav Vaya has said that in his opinion there is no new revelation regarding rice and that standard methods of checking rice are still in place.

Worms, if present, will be detectable with normal examination methods.

Recommended Examination Method:

Strain a liberal quantity of rice with a coarse net or kitchen strainer.

Any household strainer which the rice will not fall through is acceptable.

It is preferable the straining and examination be done on a broad, bright orange surface.

Orange is recommended because it makes it easier to discern the difference between white, brown, and black bugs.

Separate the grains that have passed through the strainer to determine if there are bugs – or remaining parts – that need to be removed.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel, with reporting by Arutz Sheva}


  1. when I lived in Israel (not yesterday) it was standard to wash rice thoroughly, because there were usually little critters with many legs lurking in it. Nothing new in having to check rice.


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