Kansas Representative Patsy Terrell, Of Hutchinson, Found Dead In Topeka Hotel Room


Sad news brought House Republicans Wednesday evening to a moment of silence when they learned Rep. Patsy Terrell, a Hutchinson Democrat, had died during the day. Terrell was 55 years old.

Her body was found in her hotel room in Topeka, House Majority Leader Don Hineman told the group that had assembled to prepare for upcoming budget debate. Topeka police Lt. Aaron Jones said police were on scene investigating, but they didn’t have reason to believe foul play was involved.

“She was a very dedicated representative and focused on doing the very best she could to represent her district in the Hutchinson area,” Rep. Linda Gallagher, R-Lenexa said. “She was one of the driving forces behind trying to get the very best possible tax bill that we could get.” Read more at The Topeka Capital Journal.





  1. And this is nogia the Ben Torah because……………………………….?

    As an an aside, I see you publish pictures of female goyim when they die but NEVER Frum choshiveh Rebbitzen’s. Your hashkafas are in the toilet. Pheh.

  2. Please ask all three of your personalities to read the article – it states that she was a DemocRat. After actually reading, you may go ahead with your brilliant comments.

  3. Wait on the hope that her future memory is another congressperson to replace her ideal and share her wit.

    She will likely be a good memory for anyone interested in democrat politics. Tax issues are very important to solve.

    We can hope that Hashem will reward us with a good future.



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