Kanna’i Causes Uproar With Outburst at Brisker Rosh Yeshiva


Pandemonium broke out at Yeshivas Brisk on Rechov Press in Yerushalayim Shabbos morning when a kanna’i with connections to the Eidah Hachareidis arrived at the yeshiva to shout at the rosh yeshiva, Rav Avrohom Rav Avrohom Yehoshua Soloveitchik.

The incident occurred after Mussaf, when the kanna’i entered the bais medrash and began yelling at Rav Soloveitchik, “The gezeiras giyus is a gezeiras shmad (the draft decree is a decree of annihilation). Why are you silent? The Brisker Rov was not silent. He would not deliver shiurim at a time like this. Just this week, 150 bochurim have fallen into Nachal Chareidi.”

The kanna’i went on: “What are you waiting for? For the yeshiva to be filled with green jackets (worn by soldiers)?”

An uproar ensued, and members of the yeshiva protested the kanna’i for his contempt for the honor of Torah and denigrating the rosh yeshiva.

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  1. Slow news day at Matzav? Trying to create a tumult when there wasn’t one? I see that everytime a meshuginah does or says something, Matzav has to report it as if it’s halacha limoshe mesinai. Grow up already.

  2. “What are you waiting for? For the yeshiva to be filled with green jackets” … Does he mean the Brisker Yeshiva? If so then I guess it’s not shmad of the bachurim went to the army to help defend the Jewish people AND stayed so frum, so frum that they learn in Brisk!

  3. Why is every fool who happens to agree with a stringent shita a “kanai”? It takes many previously ascended madreigos to become one. Rabi Pinchas bar Yoir listed all of them in their proper order.
    A great godol said many years ago about a certain famous individual, who went around screaming and posting signs against the “medina hatme’a”, that there isn’t any true kanous involved. It was in this man’s very nature to be loud, belligerent, argumentative, and needy for audience. He happened to be “pushing” a frum ideology. Had those same Zionists gotten to him first, he would be yelling, pontificating, and gluing posters for them, instead, and totally against the Eida Hachareidis, which was now so proud of his actions.

  4. Your description of this meshugginer as a kana’i is an insult to true kana’im.

    If it wasn’t for his insanity, he would lose his chelek in olam habah for being mevazeh a talmid chochom. Ein cholkim kovod larav does not apply.

  5. A Kannai is a person with pure absolute intentions without a shenitz of anger that perfectly performs Mitzvis without oublic humiliation

    Categorizing such a person as a kannai is abhorrent to the sanctity of Kannaim

  6. Just a thought about Torah. The values of Torah are never to yell at a soul and never to consider that your paradigm of your concerns must be the charity to destroy the decorum of Torah just to place a fate of scared excess of crime in the sanity of your own capacity to lead or decree a terrible error has been made to dishonor Torah or Hashem.

    The sanity of a Torah soul knows that Hashem has directions and fate that G-d will add as our people grow and find their strength in their community, nation and honored sane mind.

    This to me indicates that the evil feeling that we must not serve in the military is indeed a terrible dream of a jewish feeling that is afraid to find Torah honor and Torah directions in a growing new era.

    The sanity would indicate that the kanna’i was inchoherent in his right to consider the rights of the jewish people.

    In thought, we are going to have a faith in G-d that includes service to nation and country.

    This is the outcome of a Torah insight that must indeed offer the conclusive statement that the Torah student to serve in the armed forces is Hashem’s plan.

    There is no other way to look at the mayhem and think Torah rights were given the faith we must have considered right in a circumstance of such hard thought terror.

    Trust in Hashem.

  7. ידוע מאמר החזו”א, משכיל אפיקורס הרבה הרבה יותר גרוע כו’. והשי”ת יהיה בעזרינו. ידוע מאמר החזו”א, משכיל אפיקורס הרבה הרבה יותר גרוע כו’. והשי”ת יהיה בעזרינו. כמה אלפי בחורי ישראל נפלו מהתורה והיהדות

  8. Kanna’i Causes Uproar With Outburst at Brisker Rosh Yeshiva…. BUT the Kanna’i happens to be correct in this particular case.

  9. i was there at the time and instead of writing how the rosh yeshiveh react he was calm like nothing happened and wait in his room untill the meshugener left that is a real godul you only write the bad

  10. Let’s not get involved in something that is a machlokes between the greatest of our generation. This is the reason that R’ A.Y. Soloveitzik didn’t say anything o the matter, we shouldn’t either.

  11. This reminds me of a similar incident in Chicago many years ago:
    The “Eiruv Rov” — a young rabbi at the time — burst in to the Bais HaMedrash of Yeshivas Brisk during a Shiur given by our Rebbe, HaRav Aharon Soloveichik ZT”L. He yelled at the Rosh HaYehiva ZT”L and criticized him for opposing his “Eiruv.” The fact is that this Shul rabbi “Eiruv” was then — and to this day — still is unanimously opposed by ALL the local Rashei HaYeshivos.

    Unfortunately,the “Eiruv Rov” and his colleagues have been able to falsely portray our Rosh HaYeshiva ZT”L as imposing his “Brisker Chumros” on the Tzibur. The end result: CHILUL SHABBOS BEFARHESIA, R”L!

    • Thank you. We have the same problem here in Brooklyn with the phantom eruv. These new young cutting-edge rabbi’s think they know better than Reb Moshe ZT”L. Pheh.


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