Kaminsky Announces Installation Of Security Cameras At Lawrence, Cedarhurst LIRR Stations


LIRRAssemblyman Todd Kaminsky announced today that security cameras have been installed and are fully operational at both the Cedarhurst and Lawrence Long Island Railroad (“LIRR”) stations. Following multiple incidents of hate graffiti at both LIRR stations, Assemblyman Kaminsky advocated strongly for these security cameras.

Days after Assemblyman Kaminsky took office in January, a swastika was found etched into a pane of glass at the Cedarhurst LIRR station. Kaminsky alerted the LIRR, who immediately removed the offending graffiti. The Assemblyman then requested that the LIRR install security cameras at the Cedarhurst station to prevent future incidents. Just days later, on January 12, hate graffiti was again found at the same station. Assemblyman Kaminsky repeated his calls for security cameras and in February 2015 his request was heeded—the LIRR agreed to install cameras.

Later, an additional incident of hate graffiti was discovered on August 10 at the Lawrence LIRR station. Kaminsky again repeated his calls to the LIRR for security cameras, stating that clearly they are necessary in order to deter future hate crimes and to assist law enforcement in prosecuting the responsible individuals. Today, the Assemblyman’s advocacy finally came to fruition with security cameras in full operation at both the Cedarhurst and Lawrence LIRR stations.

“I commend the LIRR for installing these security cameras and for standing with me to eradicate hate graffiti,” said Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky. “The most effective way to prevent hate speech from spreading is to stop it from happening in the first place. Cameras provide a great measure of deterrence and send a message that hate speech will not be tolerated.”

{Matzav.com Newscenter}



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