Kamala Harris Surges Into Lead Among Democratic Party Candidates


Kamala Harris has leaped to the front of an already-packed Democratic 2020 race, recent polls, political strategists and party donors have suggest.

Although recent polls show Harris lagging behind former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders, the California senator is first among Democrats who have announced their bids for the 2020 nomination in recent polls from Monmouth University, New Jersey and Emerson College, Iowa.

Her position has likely been helped by controversy hanging over her competition. Elizabeth Warren, for example, continues to face criticism over her claims of Native American heritage. On Saturday, the Massachusetts senator was interrupted at the start of a campaign speech in Georgia by a man holding a “1/2020” sign—a jibe at the DNA results she shared last year.

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  1. This new Obama has as much chance as Oprah Winfrey for the same reason. She also covered up enormous pedophiles scandals when she was DA. Besides, there’s a question of her eligibility to become President of the US if she was raised in Canada although she was born in the US. Her parents were immigrants who had just about become US citizens.

    Does she really think she can win over Trump?

  2. She’ll get the black vote, the almost black vote, the light black vote, the lgbtq vote, the blt vote, the mentally insane vote, the mooslim vote, and all the other misfits and nuts in our society vote. Maybe she has a shot at it!

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