Kalman Yeger Proposes Purchasing Lots to Build Brand New Parks in Boro Park & Midwood


Kalman Yeger, the Democratic and Conservative parties’ candidate for City Council, has committed to not only continuing to allocate funds for our neighborhood parks but to fund brand new parks throughout the 44th Council District.

“With Succos right around the corner, people in our community know how important it is for our children to have a place to play,” Kalman said. “I am committed to continuing Councilman Greenfield’s tradition of renovating our existing parks, and also to actively seek land where we can build brand new parks for our children.”

During Councilman Greenfield’s time in office, he has secured more than $35 million dollars to renovate every park in his district. Kalman played an important role in that effort, as a member of Community Board 14. “From the design of the new parks to the community scoping meetings, to the grand openings, Kalman worked with me every step of the way in renovating all 13 parks and playgrounds in my district,” said Councilman David Greenfield.

“Our community has both, amongst the most children, and the lowest park area in the entire city. Now that Councilman Greenfield has begun the process of funding every park for renovation, I will not only finish the job but I will seek out space and funding for brand new parks,” Kalman added. “We need more parks to accommodate our community’s rapid growth, particularly since so many in our community are children.”

Specifically, Kalman proposed that New York City fund the purchase of vacant lots for development as new parkland.

Just last week, Kalman visited the newly-renovated 18th Avenue Park where over one thousand adults and children received free bike helmets – a tradition started by Councilman Greenfield which Kalman vowed to continue when he is Councilman.



  1. Housing is so plentiful that we can concentrate on building parks. The landlords, especially those with illegal basement apartments have done wonders for our community and our representatives, to give our reps the opportunity to create more green spaces. I guess he’ll suggest that we build in the privately held air space over the train track that runs through Boro Park. Neither one of them is a winner, I’m voting with feet, especially if his Rebbi DiBlasio wins.

  2. Parks?!
    In other news, Frum parents can’t afford tuition. Another example of Nero fiddling while Rome burns. Same old same old. My taxes don’t mean anything. Maybe I should stop paying them. I’m worthless.

  3. What we really need is a tent city like we had in Uman. Really people need a place to go . Many have no place, a tent city with a soup kitchen would help the young and old. Litvaks and chasidim.
    Let us set an example of chesed the world will follow. Gmir hashuna Tova!

  4. no need there are 5 parks in bp and numerous ps yards there are just not being fully used – secondly did u see the price tag for the bathrooms in 18ave park – 5x as much as the bathrooms in any chasuna hall for what who is allowing the city to get ripped off

  5. we don’t need parks that are used often by illegals look at friends field which resembles latin America. I am voting for Yoni not an outsider who originally planned to run against a mensch Chaim Deutsch. I have gotten numerous mailers from Greenfield telling me to vote for Kalman but I will not.

  6. As a registered voter in the 44th district, I will be proudly voting for Yoni Hikind. What Greenfield did by shoving his cubby, Kalman Yeger, in at the very last possible moment, disenfranchising thousands of voters, is sleazy and outrageous. WE the voters will not be taken for granted. Enough is enough.

  7. Check out avenue f park. Since they started 4 months ago, they barely got any work done. Their Crew mostly consists of 2 men. Our tax money. Ha

  8. When I saw the word parks I thought, wow finally someone has a plan for more parking spaces in Boro Park. I will give three suggestions For Mr Yeger.1) Plant a tree in front of every illegal driveway. 2) Instead of space for parks which we have already, find parking spaces for the yeshiva busses. In my area there are two yeshivos, each one has 6 busses 3 are parked on the avenue and 3 on the street. This is also a safety issue. last year someone was mugged next to the busses. 3) Every new hall must also have 200 parking spaces. Its great that in the area of 36th street and 39th street we will have in the next few years 5 wedding halls. Right now only one is open and there is no parking.

    • “Plant a tree in front of every illegal driveway”
      I love that idea. Why the cowards in office don’t do that, is beyond me.
      Also, make it illegal for car service companies to park their cars on our local streets and double parking, just waiting around for a call to come in. If these punks want to open a car service, make it the law that they must have a parking lot for their own cars.

  9. Forget the parks, housing is insanely expensive, which is a primary factor of why so many young couples are moving to lakewood. Tuition for yeshivos is sky-high. We have bigger problems. If this will be your focus, you lost my vote.
    Vote Yoni Hikind 2017!


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