Kaepernick Makes Plans To Pursue Collusion Case Against NFL Owners


Unsigned quarterback Colin Kaepernick is making plans to potentially pursue a claim of collusion by NFL teams, accusing them of improperly conspiring to keep him out of the league, according to a person familiar with the deliberations.

Kaepernick opted out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers following last season. The team has said it would have released Kaepernick rather than retaining him under the terms of that deal. He has remained out of work, being passed over by teams in favor of other quarterbacks following a 2016 season in which Kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem prior to games, as a protest of the treatment of African-Americans in the U.S.

The plan for Kaepernick to pursue a grievance under the sport’s collective bargaining agreement was first reported by Bleacher Report.

Kaepernick reportedly has hired an attorney, and it appeared Sunday that he was making plans to pursue the collusion claim independently from the NFL Players Association.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and several owners have said since the offseason that Kaepernick was not, in their view, being blackballed from the league. They said that teams were making individual decisions about whether signing Kaepernick made sense for them.

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  1. Right I can make as much trouble as I want ITs MY RIGhT how dare you protest against my protest what do u think u r my employer?

  2. Keep him out!
    We don’t need this garbage being potential mentors or icons for our youth to emulate!
    This is America, Mr. Kaepernick. If you don’t like this country, you can leave! You claim to be African. There’s plenty on the African continent that may appeal to you. This free country has its rules and one of them is, IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT HERE, YOU’RE FREE TO LEAVE!!!!

  3. There is no collusion with Kaepernick just as there was no collusion when Tim Tebow wasn’t signed after his year with the NY Jets – neither one is good enough to warrant the distraction their signing would bring. Of course the controversy of his anthem protest is a factor, but if he was a good QB he’d be snapped up, warts and all. Ray Lewis was far more controversial (he was involved in a double murder), but since he was an All-Pro player he had no problem keeping his job.
    Let Kaepernick sue – not giving him his day in court would be positively un-American (whether or not his supporters would appreciate the irony).

  4. What a stupid ingrate. He can’t compare himself to Obama’s blackness. This is not a way to push the reparations agenda ahead. His ignorance is hurting the real black folks.

  5. Silly sore loser. If he makes a team lose money, why in the world would they hire him?! He upsets fans with his disgusting ungratefulness to the fans and to our country. In turn, they don’t want to pay good money to come to the games. So, he is causing the team – his employer- to lose money. There isn’t a business in the world that would hire an employee knowing that it would cause the employer to lose money. It’s simply stupid.

  6. I think there’s collusion against me as well. I want to be a starting qb and not one team hired me. Obviously there’s collusion. What other reason could there be not to hire me? I was one of the best qb’s in yeshiva when we played two hand touch. Maybe Zanvil was a little better; then again, maybe there’s collusion against him as well. Just because Kaepernick was a nothing qb clearly is not the reason he’s not hired – just like police brutality against blacks has nothing to do with black crime. Clearly kaepernick and the black criminals are just being picked on.

  7. let him go to africa. makes millions where only in our countryis possible and spits in its face….dont bite ther hand that feeds you. youb want to demostrate make a demonstration somewhere else. i didnt come to tyhe game for politics


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