K9 Web Protection No Longer Available for Download, Will Stop Operating In June


People using K9 web protection to filter their Internet need to look for a new option after the company announced they will stop operations in June.

In 2016, Blue Coat, Inc. (K9’s parent company) was acquired by cybersecurity leader Symantec™. Due to Blue Coat and Symantec hadving similar products it didn’t make sense to maintain two competing products and it was decided to “end-of-life” K9 Web Protection and focus corporate and customer attention on Symantec’s line of Norton™ products.

K9 Web Protection is no longer available for purchase or download. Technical Support for K9 will end on June 30, 2019. Until then, support for K9 can reached via email at DL-ECS-K9TechnicalSupport@symantec.com.

“We’re immensely grateful for the loyalty of our K9 Web Protection customers,” K9 wrote in a statement. “For years, many of you have been using the award-winning K9 application to protect your computers, children, and organizations from spyware, malware, adult content and other threats and risky interactions. We’ve worked together to make the Internet a much safer place for our families and communities.”

The Norton Solution most like K9 Web Protection is Norton Antivirus Plus, K9 recommends.


  1. Terrible thing,
    I use it to block the Internet on computers I don’t browse with (block all categories, add google to “always block”, add email etc. to “always allow”).
    does anybody know of a good free substitute?

  2. I found k9 to be the best filter for one simple reason it blocks categories. if there is something that was blocked that you had to access you were able to with your password. And of course it was free.


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