Justice Kennedy To Retire, Leaves Door Open For Right Leaning Court Majorty


Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his plans to retire today, leaving the door open for President Trump to select a right leaning replacement, effectively giving the right a strong majority in the Court for years to come.

After Trump replaced the late Justice Scalia with conservative Neil Gorsuch in 2016, Justice Kennedy became a swing vote on Court that seated a 4-4 split along party lines.

Justice Anthony will be retiring on July 31. President Trump has yet to comment on the news.



  1. Good riddance!

    The רשע Kennedy is the one who cast the deciding vote to legalize toeivah ‘marriage’ a few years ago.

  2. I don’t know who wrote this article but is typically misleading journalism. Trump’s selection of Gorsuch did not make Kennedy the switng vote as new justice Gorsuch was replacing a conservative Scalia. So nothing changed. Now, for the first time since this presidency there is a chance of a right leaning court

  3. Resting to see an appointment. Trump may get more than a few it seems.

    Whatever the new court may do is interesting to hope well within Hashem’s plan.

    Can wonder the future of some hard issues. Hashem is indeed leaving a hopeful future where some of the social abominations are not defended. It seems that is our era.

    In any sense, pro-life seems smart. Pro-life is healthy to consider that we should always abstain from intercourse until marriage. Nicely, it is the orthodox way of life.

    Why fight what we must see a hope. Any president can alter the courts, but Mr. Trump may set some interest in any change we may have to deep set court rulings that are yet still controversial.

    How the arcade how the world? It goes.


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