Just Published: Guide to  the 1,371 Kosher Agencies Worldwide

KASHRUS Magazine’s newly released 216 page “2017-2018 Kosher Supervision Guide” (October 2016) includes entries for the 1,371 kosher supervision agencies worldwide. This number is up from 1,269 in 2014, an increase of 8.04%, while in the same time period the Dow Jones average decreased by 0.39% [source: www.macrotrends.net].
According to Rabbi Yosef Wikler, editor of KASHRUS Magazine, “The continued growth in kosher certifying agencies throughout the world is a clear sign of the strength of kosher, but even more so, it is an indication of the commitment of Jews to eating kosher food and observing a kosher lifestyle. We are seeing this phenomenon occurring in many countries throughout the world. It broods well for the future of the Jewish people.”
The Kosher Supervision Guide provides detailed information about the kosher certifying agencies, such as contact information, websites, products certified, size of the agency, years in operation, and type of kosher agency. People also use this book as a Jewish guide to world travel.
One of the biggest problems facing the kosher consumer is identifying a kosher symbol. Some symbols appear to be kosher symbols, but they are not. There are also many kosher agencies whose names and symbols sound and look very similar. Kosher agencies also use multiple symbols. And, finally, not all kosher certifying agencies follow Orthodox practices.
This guide displays all the kosher symbols that the various kosher agencies utilize. The guide provides a pictorial index of all kosher symbols for quick reference.
Despite the fact that the guide lists the Orthodox kosher agencies, it does not tell you upon which agency you should rely. As in everything in life, each person is responsible for himself, and nobody should dictate their prejudices on anyone else. The guide provides detailed information which will help readers make their own choices upon whom to rely, or make it easier to consult a rabbi or kosher certifying agency for further guidance.
The “2017-2018 Kosher Supervision Guide” is now being sold in Jewish bookstores, newsstands, and on the web at www.kashrusmagazine.com and www.amazon.com. It is also available directly from KASHRUS Magazine at 718-336-8544.



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