Just In: Yoel Zev Arrives at Ben Gurion Airport


ben-gurionJust in: At 21:50 Israeli time, Yoel Zev Goldstein, Yoel Zev ben Mirel Risa Chava, arrived at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel after Korean Air flight KE957 via Seoul, South Korea, landed in Terminal 3, Matzav.com has confirmed.

Together with Yoel Zev on the flight were his father, Rabbi Nezri, and a friend of the family who spent many months visiting the bochurim during the last three years.

This morning, Japan time, security personnel from the deportation division of the Immigration Center in Japan escorted Yoel Zev from the Tokyo Immigration Centre to Narita International Airport. At the airport, he was detained in an immigration cell until the boarding time of his flight out of Japan.

Reflecting on the last minutes in japan, Rabbi Aron Nezri related, “We were nervous during the half hour prior to flight departure. Yoel Zev had not arrived yet at the boarding gate. After some frantic high-level phone calls, it was confirmed to us that he is checked-in, though he had not yet been seen.”

Approximately five minutes before scheduled departure time, Yoel Zev arrived at the aircraft and boarded alongside Rabbi Nezri, who was nervously awaiting his arrival.

After all passengers already boarded, Yoel Zev was brought to the door of the aircraft flanked by two officials from the Tokyo Immigration Office.

Once Yoel Zev boarded the aircraft, he was a free man.

“Contrary to some rumors,” related Rabbi Bindinger, “no country sought the extradition of Yoel Zev.”

“We exercised great caution when selecting what kosher food Yoel Zev would eat during his flight to freedom,” said Rabbi Bindinger, “after not having consumed a morsel of poultry and meat for almost three and a half years.” 

“We won’t easily forget the electrifying moment when the judges proclaimed in Japanese, ‘You are innocent,’ and the court appointed translator repeating to Yoel Zev ‘Atah zakai,’ said Rabbi Nezri, his voice full of emotion. “May we all be zocheh bedin during the upcoming Yemei Hadin and may we hear only besuros tovos and simchos in our midst.”

May we only hear further besuros tovos.
{Shmiel Gellman-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Who is staying behind in japan with the second bochur that was sentenced? Is there any way to get him released on humanitarian grounds? Just doesn’t make sense that one boy should be let free and the others convicted for the exact same crime.

  2. So, after all the simcha and the hodaya, what is going to happen to this guy? Is he going off to an Israeli prison to complete his prison sentence, or will he just be let off, scot-free?

  3. # 1 he spent 3 years in prison in Japan to be found NOT GUILTY how does that get him off scot free. In Japan you stay in prison until the verdict no parole, no house arrest etc. This country has no heat, TV, radio, special food or other amenities in its holding prisons let alone once the verdict is given. HE IS NOT GUILTY AND OWES NO TIME AT ALL!!! B” H he was found not guilty and released since he was duped. Take a lesson from this- no matter who it is take nothing from anyone that you have not opened and inspected!!!!

  4. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hodu laHashem!!! what a bracha! may we hear only good besuros and may yaakov yosef ben raizel also be zoche to be found not guilty and may we all be zoche to the geulah shilaima bikarov mamash!

  5. Dont post this as you will edit it the way you always do. Why edit, just dont post. Frum publications are great at distorting the news to fit their own agenda

  6. Answering #6- u ungrateful bitter person! Instead of being thankful that yoel zev was freed and appreciate all d hard work that ppl put in, u found already wat to complain abt, and how do u know that ppl and askanim aren’t working on behalf of ostreicher?? I’m not here to curse u, but it appalled me to c how bitter and negative someone can be!!

  7. Eli, your comment doesn’t belong here where there’s so much happiness and relief. You can take care of Ostreicher while we celebrate, thank you very much.

  8. sometimes these comment sections are like the NY public subway system. anyone comes in, and anything is said.
    its way too hefker. I’m learning where some people are at, and how they are lost, and its an eye opener. wishing everyone the best, in the Niah Yor.

  9. To the Maven (#10)
    Unfortunately Yaakov Yosef was sentenced to six years in jail (appeal was upheld), so there won’t be a not guilty verdict for him. The askanim are busy with his transfer to Israel where he will be freed after a few months.
    You call yourself a maven, but you don’t seem to know the basic facts about this case, so don’t babbel.

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