Jumaane Williams Wins Special Election For Public Advocate


Brooklyn Councilman Jumaane Williams won the hotly contested, if little-noticed race to become the city’s next public advocate on Tuesday night, the New York Post reports.

The activist-turned-city lawmaker captured 32 percent of the vote with 73 percent of precincts reported. He was 13 percentage points ahead of his nearest rival, Queens City Councilman Eric Ulrich.

He was one of 17 people who battled for the post in a race that was largely defined by the now nixed $3 billion deal to bring Amazon to the Queens waterfront and biting criticism of Mayor Bill de Blasio.



  1. WOW!!! New York voters are stupider than dirt!!! Hey New Yorkers! Don’t complain! You voted for this Jackass or you just didn’t vote and allowed this Jackass to win, now you’ll get what you deserve.

    • Excuse me. Before you accuse anyone about voting for Mr. Williams, at least know what you’re talking about. We, the Frum community in Flatbush/Midwood came out in force for Mr. Ulrich. That is why a no-name came in 2nd place from amongst 17 (yes 17!) candidates. What people like you forget, is that there are 5 boros in NYC, with millions of citizens. We, the Frum community are a minority within a minority of the voting public. Little Flatbush/Boro Park is such a small percentage of the overall vote in New York City (5 boro’s). We went out yesterday and followed daas torah and voted for Eric Ulrich. We can not control the outcome. So next time, before you shoot off your mouth and name call, think for a half a second.

      • I’ll shoot of my mouth to defend him! Do you know that in eichenstein district (hikind district) with encompasses all of BP and a good deal of Flatbush, Ulrich only received 5300+ votes!! If all of us voted, as you claim, that number should be 10 times that!
        So, congratulations that you voted, as well as I, but don’t be foolish and indignant and day that we as a community voted

        • As I said “Flatbush/Midwood” came out in force to vote for Ulrich. I don’t live in BP but I am aware of their lack of voting. My point is that even if all the Yidden came out and did vote, we are such a small percentage of the overall vote count. Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens, & Brooklyn has a few more goyim than Yidden if you know what I mean.

      • Thank you.
        You refuted the previous post eloquently and thoroughly, without resorting to the name-calling and personal insults that are all too prevalent on a frum site where shmiras halashon should be a guideline. Well done.

  2. Less than 10% of the registered 4.7mm voters in NYC voted, so the Jewish minority could have had an impact if it did come out in full force. Ulrich’s numbers came from Queens and Staten Island, and Williams won the Brooklyn vote by an overwhelming margin. I don’t know about other voting sites, but except for one table in the center of the room, Gil Hodges public school was empty last night.

  3. voter who votes – NOT TRUE
    i voted in bp w/ my wife at 740 pm at the ps on 14 & 43
    there were 2 ballot readers i checked both the total was 128 + 136
    flatbush and bp did not vote ask your neighbors or workmates IF they voted
    17 candidates makes it easier to win not harder wait 2 days and you will see how many votes came in from flatbush & bp
    also williamsburg ( niederman ) knew that ulrich wouldnt win and backed the winner

  4. In a low turnout election such as this was, if we all would have gone to vote as was requested, Ulrich would have won. We only have ourselves to blame
    For shame

  5. and ourselves to live with the repercussions! This will have long lasting implications. All the yiddilach who think that none of this affects them will learn very quickly and all of us will suffer. I truly believe that this will be looked back to as the last possible chance we had to make things better. Now we in a country that is spiraling the drain and all we can do is hold on for the ride and daven of course.

    • Well, not really. There will be another primary in June and a general election in November. Jumaane, who actually has a decent relationship with the Frum community, and is pro traditional marriage, can be tossed out in a few months if you don’t like him.

  6. Just keep voting for DemocRATs the way your Askanim tell you to do and you’ll go down the drain with all of them except for the Askanim who will make more money off of your misery. Nebech!!

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