Judge Throws Out Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton By Parents Of Benghazi Victims


A federal judge tossed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton by the parents of two Americans killed at a diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, ruling Friday the former secretary of state did not defame them when disputing allegations that she had lied.

“The untimely death of plaintiffs’ sons is tragic, and the Court does not mean to minimize the unspeakable loss that plaintiffs have suffered in any way,” U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson in Washington wrote in a 29-page opinion.

The suit also alleged Clinton’s use of a private email server caused the death of their sons, Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods, because it exposed terrorists to sensitive information. They claimed Clinton lied when she allegedly told them it was a YouTube video that prompted the consulate attack.

Berman ruled the parents didn’t sufficiently challenge that Clinton was not acting in her official capacity when she used the private server, and that the families didn’t put forward appropriate claims that Clinton defamed them or put them in a false light. Read more at FOX NEWS.




  1. The tyrannical Leftist rule of out of control judges is the bane of America and if left unfettered will lead to tragic consequences for the country. They stand in the way of Democratic leadership and block any reasonable attempt to block terrorists from our shores. They should be fired but they should at least be stopped for carrying out their sick Leftist doctrine and inflicting it on the public.

  2. Yup, another Liberal Obama appointee. Did you expect anything different? The Clintons will never be charged with any crime no matter what, no matter how gruesome. Evidence means nothing. Corrupt Judge.

  3. Some “independent” judiciary we have here. People don’t just magically drop their prejudices and political affiliations once appointed(not even elected!) as federal judges; why immense political power with life time appointments without a practical way to remove from office.

  4. Our judicial system needs a serious overhaul.
    Just last week, otherwise unreported news, Rubashkin nebech lost at an appeals court where the evidence against the judge and the government was overwhelming. The court just dismissed the appeal.
    Something is very wrong! Why are there no checks and balances at the judicial level???

    • Speaking of SMR, why hasn’t “the great friend of the Jewish people”, President Trump, pardoned him yet???

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