Judge Rules California Coffee Shops Must Display Cancer Warnings


A California judge ruled that Starbucks and other coffee sellers in the state will be required to warn customers that their coffees carry a cancer risk, according to the Associated Press.

At issue is a chemical, acrylamide, which is produced while roasting coffee beans. It is classified as a weak carcinogen.

Berle said the companies had failed to prove those chemicals are harmless, according to the AP.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. This must be more stupidity from the pro vaccine hustlers. Yeh, we were told that if we didn’t get the flu shot we would drop dead by Chanukah. We were told when we were kids, if you drink coffee, you won’t live to see your 28th birthday. If you smoke a cigarette on Purim, you’ll be dead by Pesach. If you eat while your standing, you’ll get fat feet. Etc, etc, etc….
    Can you stinking ganavim stop trying to make a quick buck on your fear mongering tacticts.

    • Actually, this is probably fear-mongering from the pro-polio natural “health” crowd, of which California is full of. The same people who are anti-vacc are constantly making up various fears of this carcinogen and that carcinogen, without any evidence.

  2. This has got nothing to do with pro-vaccs or anti-vaccs! This has everything to with the Democratic Republic of California’s Socialist point of view!

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