Judge Rules: Bridgegate Misconduct Complaint Against Christie Can Move Forward,


NJ.com reports that a Bergen County municipal judge ruled today that a citizen’s complaint of official misconduct by Gov. Chris Christie can proceed anew, re-issuing a criminal summons that the governor had twice sought to have dismissed.

The official misconduct charge alleges that Christie failed to act to reverse the politically motivated 2013 Fort Lee access lane closures at the George Washington Bridge after being informed of their occurrence, something the governor has steadfastly denied.

“The court is satisfied that [Christie] had knowledge of the traffic problems in Fort Lee,” said municipal Judge Roy F. McGeady, referring to in the now-infamous politically motivated lane closures at the George Washington Bridge that resulted in the federal convictions of two of the governor’s top aides last fall. The court is satisfied that he had reason to believe that this traffic was purposely created, it was contrived, it was orchestrated” for political retribution, the judge added. Read more at NJ.com.




  1. Any one who listens to the radio would’ve known 10 mins after the closures, and he could have stopped it, ,how come it took them 3 days, where was he, in outer montgolia?
    And he’s a brilliant politician, no one could be that stupid , rather it was Heaven sent
    And he made that poor woman cry Bridget k, that did him in


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