Judge Blocks Enforcement Of Trump’s Transgender Military Ban


A federal judge on Monday partially blocked enforcement of key provisions of President Donald Trump’s memorandum banning transgender people serving in the military.

The judge also blasted Trump’s initial abrupt announcement via Twitter that came “without any of the formality or deliberative processes that generally accompany the development and announcement of major policy changes that will gravely affect the lives of many Americans.” Read more at CNN.



  1. The word transgender is completely against the frum haskafa. A website that prides itself on Jewish world at your fingertips, shouldn’t use such words!

  2. Anonymous, how did you use it in your complaint. So you will say that to complain about it is a toeles so then you may. I will also ask how you know what transgender is, since you shouldn’t be reading about it, so here too you’ll say that you read about it as some point for a toeles, to know what to avoid etc. So then, by the same token, this website is telling us about this for a toeles. So that A. we know what to be wary of, and B. so that we fine all news in a kosher site and don’t become tempted to search the traif sites, and C. fill in your own toeles______________________.

  3. (typing error corrected)

    “Judge Blocks Enforcement Of” President Trump’s effort to push back a little bit the horrific evil that has very tragically been engulfing our country. So, again, what we have been having here is that, very tragically, our country IS NOT a democracy! It is not “where the people govern”; the President, whom the people elected to lead them, and the officials of the Congress, whom the people elected to represent them, and the people themselves, when they overwhelmingly approve a state ballot referendum (against the massive Toeiva advance), they all, are NOT the ones who call the shots!! Instead, it is just a couple of EXCEEDINGLY SEVERELY evil people wearing dark colored robes — like this repulsive piece of slime (in this case whose name is) Colleen Kollar-Kotelly — who have the final say on whatever is going to go on here!! This is obviously a very SICK tyranny!!


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