Judge Allows Chareidi Girls School in Beit Shemesh to Operate Until Full Hearing


bet-shemeshThe Safot Vetarbuyot elementary school in Beit Shemesh, which had been closed due to opposition of parents who are against the city’s decision to segregate chareidi and secular students, will be reopened after a District Court recommended that the Ministry of Education and the Beit Shemesh Municipal Council discuss the use of the school.

The local authority partitioned the school to make room for a chareidi girls school that required room for 100 students.

Judge Arnon Darel ruled that the 100 students of Mishkenos Daas studying in tents as they did last week is “troubling.” He refused to stop them from studying in Safot VeTarbuyot until a full hearing and a final decision is taken on the matter.

Darel said that Safot VeTarbuyot has plenty of room that is not being used. The school has 144 students, but has a capacity of 500 students.

“Even though there are disputes [in the school], the children in both schools can live together and share resources while preserving the individuality of both schools,” said the judge. “These are the educational challenges of the teachers, and I hope that they will live up to these challenges and serve as an example of co-existence with mutual respect.”

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Treat this as a wake up call.

    We must find a way to integrate all of jewish society.

    If you do not like the irreligious, get in their presence and show Dvar Torah.

    Time will heal our needs.



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