Journalist Aaron Klein Exposes “Occupy Wall Street”


aaron-kleinAmerican journalist and author Aaron Klein has launched a new website and social media project aimed at exposing the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.

The new website,, will be updated constantly throughout the day for news, information, investigations and exposes concerning the anti-capitalist movement.

The website will include original reporting, research and blogging as well as content from scores of news organizations and websites. An active online forum will allow users to post material themselves while participating in social media discussions.

The purpose of is to unmask what is thought of as a spontaneous revolution, documenting how the Occupy movement was pre-planned by seasoned radical agitators. One section of the site contains information warning Occupy could turn violent while another section suggests White House ties.

The Occupy Wall Street protests have been used by some protestors to bring up the anti-Semitic age-old financial “Jewish Conspiracy” canard.

Recently, one protester claimed that “the people who run Wall Street are guilty of crimes against humanity. A small ethnic group consists of…almost all bankers on Wall Street are Jewish.”

“There is a conspiracy in this country, and Jews control the media, the finances…. The Jews represent two percent of the population…and have pooled their money together to take control of Americans finances….Almost all of the federal judges are Jewish.”

The protester also charged that both the Democratic and Republican parties based their campaigns to “appease Jewish Americans because Jewish money controls American politics….It is a conspiracy that everyone is afraid to talk about.”

In another incident, a group of about 40 people from the anti-Zionist Jewish Women for Justice in Israel/Palestine joined together for an anti-Israel rally and march in Boston.

The demonstration was entitled ‘Occupy Boston – Not Palestine’ and protested U.S. support of Israeli military presence in “Palestine.”

Klein hosts “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s WABC Radio. He is a former Arutz Sheva writer and has published several books on the Arab-Israel conflict and the United States.

Klein and researcher Brenda J. Elliott last month released a book that exposes the radicals behind the Occupy movement. With nearly 1,500 endnotes, the book is titled “Red Army: The radical network that must be defeated to save America.”

{Read more: Israel National News/ Newscenter}


  1. While I am not too familiar with Aaron Klein, I am certain that from looking at his web site, he is not exactly todays super hero doing acts of goodness for the righteousness of the nations. True OWS is a base and evil practice and movement, I am sure that Mr. Kleins site and work will be with some merit. But to be quite frank, I sense that he is a radical right winger and thus, I think he is fighting evil with moderate and more evil.
    Good idea perhaps when you still want evil, but we don’t want to live in heresy and g-dlessness. So I did not sign up for his mailer even though I am quite oppossed to the anarchy movement of OWS that is egged on by the socialist agenda.

  2. #6, beethoven: Aaron Klein is an investigative journalist; what he writes is the Truth (not your typical mainstream news). That you have not heard of him, says much. He is a Yeshivah Un. graduate and is now an investigative journalist in E.Y. He has written a few best selling books lately on what he has uncovered. He just gives the facts and can be heard on Sundays at 2 pm for two hours on WABC 770 radio. He is not a right wing radical! People are starving to learn what is really happening and he tells it as he uncovers it.

  3. To comment number 7:
    I am yet to define him as mainstream and promoting freedom and democracy. Tell me more and I’ll check his site again. I am looking for more interests. I might just add him to twitter; that would be a good way to hear from him. I am not going to subscribe to emails as I am not too impressed today.

  4. To comment 7: When someone suggests that someone writes “truth”, I am more inclined to think that it is radicalism. I must remark that as a Jew, Mr. Klein effectively shaves both his face and the corners of his scalp thus avoiding Leviticus 19:27 which personally I ascribe to as a Real Truth. So if this is what we get with Aaron, I am not too amazed.

  5. 4 arguments sake, this supposed conspiracy was already exposed aprox 100 years ago. How come the Americans let us do it over once again?

  6. Remember, the making of many books is without limit. (Ecclesiastes 12:12). Just a thought. They all write them and that does not really “uncover” anything in truth. It uncovers a desire to speak and triumph over what you devalue, hopefully against Evil, but in truth, evil is in many books that are written indiscriminately, right?

  7. all the ocw protesters are leftover hippies, and they all need to get jobs. it is quickly growing into an anti semetic movement with no basis, and although they have a right of assembley, action must be taken when thier right to assemble is beginning to attack our freedom of religion… wheres rudy when u need him?????


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