Jordan’s King Tells Pence US Must Rebuild Trust After Yerushalayim Decision


Jordan’s King Abdullah told US Vice President Mike Pence on Sunday he looked to Washington to rebuild “trust and confidence” in moving towards a two-state solution in Israel after President Donald Trump recognized Yerushalayim as the country’s capital.


“We hope that the US will reach out and find the right way to move forward in these challenging circumstances,” he said.


 by Reuters and Algemeiner Staff




  1. Pence should tell Abbas that since Israel belongs to Jews so-called Palestinians should move towards a two-state solution in their hometown Jordan. How do you like the truth King Abdullah?

  2. The king of Jordan sits on a rickety throne, propped only by the United States. He has the temerity to lecture his only supporters on building trust?

  3. He talks big but ask him where his oil, gas, etc. comes from it is not Jordan that is producing these things, but their little neighbor called Israel. He can talk big but hold some of those luxuries back and see what he has to say and do.

  4. Nothing to get excited about, he needs to talk the talk of his supporters. Jordan will be the first to tell you what the Palis are all about. Jordan butchered thousands of them on black September


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