Jordanian Boy Has Successful Kidney Transplant In Israel


jordanWhile the Jordanian street has expressed a great deal of animosity toward Israel over the killing of a judge who attacked an Israeli soldier at a border crossing, last week a 7-year-old Palestinian-Jordanian boy who had suffered critical kidney failure underwent a successful kidney transplant at Rambam Medical Center in Haifa. His mother was the donor.

The complicated procedure was not possible in Jordanian hospitals. The boy, who is currently hospitalized in the intensive care unit for children at Rambam, had a healthy appetite after surgery, and there were no signs of rejection of the new kidney.

“We direct many patients from Jordan and the Palestinian Authority to Rambam and other hospitals as well,” said Israel’s Civil Administration Health Services Coordinator, Dalia Bessa, Israel Hayom reported.


{ Israel}


  1. The doctors who did this are probably proud of the fact that they did this for an arab. However, anyone with any common sense or decency would not do a transplant until every single Israeli that needed this type of care was treated. Now that’s just plain ole’ common sense – something that has gone the way of the dinosaur. Anyway, who is paying for this very expensive procedure??? It ain’t the boy’s family


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