Jordan, PA Condemn Record Number Of Jews Visit To Har Habayis For Tisha B’av


Jordan and the Palestinian Authority protested the large number of Jews who visited the Har Habayis on Tisha B’Av, marking the destruction of the two Batei Mikdash.

Between 1,000 and 1,400 Jews visited the Har Habayis, where the two Batei Mikdash were placed before their destruction.

Jordan’s Minister of State Affairs Jumana Ghanimat condemned “the provocative incursions of extremists and settlers that took place today into the courtyards of the holy site,” according to Jordan’s state run news agency Petra.

The Palestinian Authority also condemned the large presence of Jews at the Har Habayis, calling on the international community “to protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

The Har Habayis is a contentious issue in the Israel-Palestinian conflict, often causing great turmoil due to Israel’s presence and control with access to the site.

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  1. If Israel ever has to remove the stones from the mosque on our mountain, we should just use their khayiffehs so we do not have to touch their stones.

    Let Hashem decide when. Why even touch the place. Hashem does have a purpose for everything. Khayiffes can just take their bricks away upon a new day.

    A never jewish touch.

  2. I join them in their protests.

    Virtually all poskim agree that one may not go Har H’aBayis according to Halacha.

    The people who go on it ARE looking to make a political point and provocation. Not looking to do the Rotzen Hashem.

    Don’t go on the Har HaBayis!!!

  3. Are these the same (type of) Poskim who paskened that Yidden stay away from the “Treifene” America before World War II? The same (type of) Poskim who told Yidden to remain in Europe because “Nothing will happen to them?”
    Or are these Poskim afraid that the Goyim will get angry and cause more problems than they are already causing? That’s called political correctness.

    • I protest your comment as well

      On a personal note: In the future please try to know something about a topic before commenting on it


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